08 May 2013

De-Activated Fetlife

I am just putting a note here for any friends who read this blog - I have temporarily de-activated my Fetlife account. I am planning on re-activating it in the near future when my mental health is more stable, but right now it is constantly triggering anxiety attacks and episodes of self-harm. If you need to contact me, I will always get replies here. I will delete this post when I re-activate my account.
*Edit - thank you for the support <3 I've reactivated my account, cautiously, and I'm back in a stable place.*


  1. hey you - did you see I answered your email over there on FL??? if not i can send it to another email addy

  2. I did get it, thank you - part of the de-activation had to do with what I had emailed you about. I was going to message you back this morning then realized I couldn't send messages with my account de-activated >_< Could you send me your email address though so I can get in touch while I have it shut down? Mine is k8.kink@gmail.com

  3. I am sadden to hear of your troubles, you DO know that IF I can help you in anyway please do call on me...

    I hope your troubles will be short and your friends will see you back up and running REAL soon...

    Take Care!!! you are TOO nice to have problems...


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